The Ibis Crown

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Friday February 27, Muirthemne

One hundred ten years ago, during the Wolf Age, Muirthemne was sacked, burned and all but buried under a mountain of rock and sand by Balor and the Fallen Lords. As I stood before the ruins of the Mausoleum of the Cath Bruig I could not help but wonder what we hoped to gain by owning it.

All was made clear when King Alric arrived today and revealed his intentions. "Once we have recovered the Ibis Crown," he declared, "Llancarfan will once more be the seat of the Cath Bruig Empire with myself as Emperor. The people will draw strength from me and we will go forth and strike down our enemies. Once they have been defeated we will rebuild the Empire to its former glory."

Legend states that whoever wears the Ibis Crown has at his disposal truly staggering power. Such was the artifact's power that Ceiscoran, at fantastic expense, commissioned eleven ordinary copies of the thing to be made in order to make theft of the true crown more difficult. When Muirthemne fell to the Fallen Lords, the crown was nowhere to be found.

King Alric believes it was secreted away in the catacombs below the Mausoleum of the Cath Bruig. Knowing that entering the haunted crypt is tantamount to a death sentence, the King has called for volunteers.

Though willing, I will not be going below to help find the crown. Instead I will be travelling south to Forest Heart to search for another relic: the Tain.

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