The Messenger

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Fenris of Ruewood,

First, tell ne'Ric that I am sorry for his loss. The entire Dukedom appreciates the sacrifices his people have made in their fight against the Banded Wasps and the mysterious and powerful sorceress that commands them. Their suffering will not go unremembered, nor will it be in vain.

I know that there has been much mistrust between us. As a boy, I remember my father speaking of your bravery and valor; you were his most trusted general. But after he was killed in that final battle against the Fiend, I could not forgive you. I hated you then. When Kyrand, the most powerful sorcerer in a generation, fell in battle and you resigned from the army, I even suspected that you had betrayed and killed him.

However, I have seen your valiant efforts against the Banded Wasps and I have heard of the sacrifices you have made in defense of us all. I know now that I misjudged you, Fenris. You are not the vile betrayer I took you for.

This realization comes at a time when I have a great need for allies. I believe that there is a plot to assassinate me, incited by that devil Kyrilla. I fear that some of my chief advisors are involved, and I do not know who to trust. Since you have not been at court for years, I can trust you to help me repel this latest attack.

The messenger I sent will bring you to the beachhead at Cavanaugh, where I will meet you in secret. Please come and help me in my hour of need.

By my hand,

Baron Geoffrey Volsung

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