The SunHammer

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July 17th, 1439 A.E., The Trow temple complex at Di'zeron

Having broken through the Watcher's ambush, Connacht and his company of soldiers fled to the North-Bahl'al's deathless army in close pursuit. The soldiers marched solid for three days, trying to distance themselves from the army of the dead who knew no sleep. Through the march, Connacht wore a grim expression. He knew of only one way the Watcher could have learned the location of his troops. They had been betrayed. But he did not know by who.

After many more days of trudging through the boggy marsh, they had finally lost sight of Bahl'al's army as the marshlands abruptly changed to rugged hills and mountains. They had reached the border of the Trow Empire. After scaling a short mountain range, the Trow temple complex of Di'zeron lay below them.

It was comparable to the temple complex at Avernus-massive structures built out of the blackened mountainside. Minarets of solid iron reached to the sky in praise of their god Nyx.

But that was where the similarity ended. Unlike Avernus, this complex looked all but deserted. Having no Oghre slaves to upkeep their temples, they had fallen into rusted ruination. Dozens of Trow could be seen in the temples, but not a single one of them wore their impenetrable iron armor or massive hammers. Damas' sharp eyes noticed a rank of soulless hovering about the temple walls. Since the Trow had no mastery of Necromancy, Moagim was obviously using Di'zeron as a staging area for his troops.

Connacht had yet to use the SunHammer in battle. Now it was time to see if it was as powerful as the legends claimed... for if it was not... their attack on the Trow homeland would end here.

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