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February 11th, 1435 A.E., The heart of the Dire Marsh

Forging an alliance between the Dwarven kingdom and the Cath Bruig, it took little to convince the Emperor to let Connacht keep command of his forces from Myrgard.

The Dwarven Demolitionists, upon their arrival in Llancarfan, went about making barrels of their explosive powders. Disaster was narrowly avoided one night when a messenger entered the Dwarven camp carrying a lit torch. Soon after, the potency of the Dwarven satchel-charges were demonstrated before the Llancarfan troops. They were indeed stunned by the devastating potential of the Dwarven concoctions... and somewhat fearful upon seeing demolitionist's wide grins and gleaming eyes at every explosion...

Upon completion of the Tain, Connacht gathered his forces and made haste North into the Dire Marsh. His troops thought him mad to engage the Myrkridia on their own lands, but followed their general into the dark swamplands. Within only hours of travel, a pack of Myrkridia appeared out of the mist and charged the army. Connacht leaped to the front of his forces, holding only a small jeweled box in his outstretched hand. With the salivating Myrkridia only yards away from the army, a bright flash lit the haze and enveloped the devils. And then the light was gone... taking the Myrkridia with it. The army stood staring, dumbfounded. Connacht held aloft the device and spoke to his troops. "This is a Tain. And with it, we will wipe the Myrkridia from the face of the world!"

With the power of the Tain, Connacht's forces became unstoppable. Legions of the devil-beasts were imprisoned within the Tain's hungry maw. Those few Myrkridia that escaped being trapped within the magical oubliette, were hunted down and slain.

As the army approached the northern extents of the marsh, they had spied a black spire jutting from the marshy landscape. Fortress walls surrounded its base and mobs of devils and undead lurked about its embattlements. Connacht, shaking himself from a daze of memories, pointed towards the spire and said to his men, "The object of our mission lies within."

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