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The Traitor

  • pregame pic

September 26th, 1440 A.E., The heart of the Nornpass

Upon finding Moagim's force, the band of heroes fought like wolves, cutting their way to the form of Moagim. There, Connacht and the Faceless Terror squared off as the battle raged around them. After a sword battle the likes of which had never been seen, Moagim clutched his final wound and dropped into the snow and mud. The undead in his army began to shiver, collapsing into piles as the magic that held them together was no more.

The war had been won, but at a terrible price. First the Smiths of Muirthemne and the people of the Downs, then the Oghre and the Twelve Duns had perished. Even the Emperor himself had given his life to this conflict.

But now, finally, the terror of Moagim's war was over.

With Moagim's blood still wet on his sword, Connacht lead his battered force back down the Nornpass...

Postgame Pictures

  • Victory!

    Victory Screen
  • Defeat!

    Defeat Screen