Dream Duel

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July 2nd, 1440 A.E., The ruins of the Downs

Upon his triumphant return, Connacht the Wolf had become Grand General of the armies of the Cath Bruig. The conqueror of the Myrkridia and the destroyer of the Trow-to the people, Connacht became a god given flesh. The Northmen, who he had saved from the bitter nights of winter, became his devoted followers, pledging their lives to his name. Where he went, their swords followed.

As the frosts of winter once again receded into warmer skies, the mighty walls of Llancarfan stood untouched by the hands of the Dark. Grand General Connacht assembled the whole of the Cath Bruig armies. He said that he planned to lead the Llancarfan army into the West-to hunt down Moagim and the remnants of his army-that until his evil was snuffed from the world, the Cath Bruig would never know peace.

On the eve of the army's departure from the city gates, Connacht was summoned by the Emperor. He told Connacht that he wished to personally lead the army of Llancarfan into battle. Connacht, surprised at the Emperor's sudden change of mind, asked if his idea was a sound one. Mjarin stated that the bidding of the Emperor would be followed. Before Connacht could rebuke the Advisor, Emperor Leitrim gently asked Connacht if he would let an old man lead his people to their greatest glory. Connacht could not bring himself to refuse his wishes.

And so, the host of Llancarfan marched from the city gates in high spirits. Not only were they commanded by the Grand General Connacht, but they were led by the Emperor himself.

After merely a few days travel, the mirth of the troops faded as they witnessed the destruction brought upon the Downs. What was once green farmland was now scarred and blackened lands-flattened by the weight of battling armies.

Yet, no bodies could be found.

After many weeks of travel, they had entered the remains of Helsford. It was then that they heard the thunder of footfalls, and knew that they had found the enemy.

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