Children of Bahl'al

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May 28th, 1439 A.E., At the edge of the Dire Marsh, along the Gjol river.

The Oghre's rebellion had come to its inevitable end. Unfortunately, in the years of battle, the Trow had learned that humans had been the catalyst for that rebellion. Now that their former slaves were dealt with, the full fury of the Trow was focused on the Cath Bruig Empire.

And so, merely a day after the destruction of the Spider Cult, Connacht walked the steps of the Imperial Palace and into the Throne Room of the Emperor. As Connacht addressed the Emperor, he was interrupted by advisor Mjarin. Connacht told them of the SunHammer he now held in his hands, and that with a small army, the Trow Empire could be crushed once and for all.

Emperor Leitrim seemed not to hear Connacht's words. He appeared much older than usual, in a confused stupor mirroring senility. The Emperor merely said in a small voice, "what Mjarin orders, so shall it be so."

Mjarin then repeated that one hundred soldiers were all that Connacht would receive for his 'ill-conceived plan'.

Connacht was enraged. Yet, knowing that any words spoken in haste would harm his plans, held his tongue and accepted the allotment.

After weeks of marching his company of soldiers Northwards, they were still weeks away from the borders of the Trow Empire. They traveled along the Gjol river, along the edge of the Dire Marsh. With the Myrkridia gone, all the army had to contend with was the biting flies that swarmed over the shallow swamps.

By midday, the sky was brooding with dark clouds. A misty vapor had risen from the fens and billowed through the gnarled trees. The scouting party that was due hours previous, had still not reported in. It was then that the aching bellow of a horn echoed in the mist shrouded bog; ending in a sudden silence.

They marched ahead with caution.

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