The Fiend

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No! How could ne'Ric miss? We won't have a second shot at this! What do we do now... I can't even try to renew the spell because... oh damn, Cartucke is breaking free already. Perhaps I can contain him, buy us some time... I...

He is too strong, he will break free and ravage the world, I cannot allow it! I cannot...

I must wound him, weaken him, find some way to hurt him so he will be unable to reach the outside world. Yes, there is a way, and I am willing to sacrifice myself for this cause.

The pain, it is more than I expected... Kyrilla, beloved daughter, I do this for you, so that you might grow in a world free of darkness... One final step, I am beyond returning now. Cartucke, you demon, someone else will have to destroy you, but I give you this final gift!

The pain is fading, as am I. I wonder if I was successful, I must have been, Cartucke has retreated and Four Bear Silent Oak is leaning over me... asking me... I am fading...

No, heal the warrior, heal Fenris. I am past saving... even by your arts, old one. I will not rob my truest friend of your healing gifts.

I am comfortable, it seems to matter little now that I could not kill the Fiend... nothing seems to matter, save that I will never see Kyrilla come into her own power... perhaps she will finish the task I could not?

May it be so... farewell constant friends, farewell cherished daughter...

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