The Archer

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How ne'Ric went for to fight with the Banded Wasps, and how he saved his old companions from their foe.

So ne'Ric strode forth and when he beheld the evils the Banded Wasps had done upon the land he became wonderously wroth. Then ne'Ric did throw his quiver to the ground and his fellows did likewise.

With this arrow, he said, ends the treason of the Hive Mother. Then the swarm brake out from the trees before, and the Queen with the Hundred Banded Stings from behind, and set on ne'Ric fiercely.

With that ne'Ric turned with his archers, and smote behind and before, and ever ne'Ric was in the foremost press till his final arrow was spent.

Then ne'Ric did command his fellows to the front, and they slew many Wasps, and put the remnant to flight. And ye'Boah came unto ne'Ric, and counseled him to follow them no further. But ne'Ric pursued them and drove them from Ruewood.

We will leave ne'Ric for a time and speak of Fenris and Kyrand's Tomb. So Four Bear Silent Oak and Fenris and their fellows descended down into the tomb of Kyrand the Mage.

Then Fenris said thus: Ah, fie for shame, Kyrand, why are you here slain? Would that I lay here instead. And then he turned away his visage and wept and it were hard any tongue to tell the doleful complaints that he made for his fellow.

Then Fenris removed Kyrand's amulet from his grave and gave it to Four Bear Silent Oak. He then said to him: Ye shall see his death revenged lightly; for there liest the truest friend that ere drew breath.

So Fenris went deeply into the tomb and led his fellows through a hidden passage through the mountain to the valley beyond...

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