The Smith's Forge

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April 13th, 1439 A.E., The Smiths Forge in the Main Forum, Llancarfan

Slowly the harsh winds of winter began their change into warm spring breezes as the world began to awake from its icy slumber.

Connacht was overseeing construction of the newest battlements along the city gates when he spied a small army approaching. As one soldier reached for his horn, Connacht steadied his hand. The army was not Moagim's-Damas and Ravanna had returned. And with them, hundreds upon hundreds of northmen refugees from the Twelve Duns. Connacht raced to greet his returning friends. Damas and Ravanna told him of their journey and of their narrow escape from the Watcher.

From the gate, Heron Guards approached Damas, cutting their reunion short. The Emperor had demanded his presence. Damas was escorted to the Imperial Palace, followed by Connacht, Ravanna, and his troop of soldiers.

The Emperor was happy to see Damas return safely. Yet he was outraged that he would abandon his charge-and take a platoon of soldiers along with him. Damas merely held his head bowed in silence and stated that whatever punishment he was given, he would accept.

Ravanna and Connacht spoke in his defense, saying that by disregarding his charge, he had saved thousands of people and delivered over a hundred fighting men to the Llancarfan army.

The Emperor came to see the good that had come from such a reckless action, and decided upon leniency. Mjarin appeared angry at the Emperor's clemency, but even his scowls could not hinder the shouts of rejoice from the soldiers. Damas and Ravanna embraced in celebration.

Connacht slipped away from the Imperial Chambers and made his way to the streets of Llancarfan. He had an appointment that nothing would keep him from. He had received a message from Traval of the Smiths of Muirthemne.

The SunHammer was finally completed.

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