Into The Breach

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Tuesday September 2, Near Brayle

When we reached Tallow, Rurik told the mayor he had overheard the brigands speaking of taking corpses to a castle near the town of Brayle. Indeed, the locals we encountered on the way said they had seen many wagons filled with bodies being hauled into the keep.

The master of this castle is Baron Kildaer. We were joined at Tallow by reinforcements to attack the Baron's stronghold and put an end to his unwholesome trade in human remains.

This evening at our camp just outside the keep I was awakened by a low rumbling. We watched in helpless silence as a massive army of Thrall, ten abreast and a hundred deep, marched out of the main gate heading south. Cruniac fears their destination is Tallow and has sent a runner to warn the town.

I cannot help but feel somewhat relieved. We should meet little or no resistance tomorrow instead of facing hundreds upon hundreds of Thrall. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for Tallow.

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