Myth III Prologue

The Leveler Mjarin had been exposed and ultimately defeated.

During the final battle, Connacht's axe had severed the head of Mjarin. Yet, through some dark sorcery, the head refused to die, continuing to spit vulgar curses at Connacht. Mjarin's dream powers had ended, but not his life.

Myrdred, who had aided them so much in the war, had in the end revealed himself as a traitor. Desiring the vast powers known only to the Leveler, he had offered his soul in return for that knowledge. Connacht and Damas could not bring themselves to kill the traitor they had once counted as their close friend. Connacht spared him from death, but told him to flee and never to return. From now on he would be known as "The Deceiver".

To ensure that the being known as Moagim would never again be resurrected, his body was incinerated. Those ashes were then mixed with sea salt and placed in a metal urn. That urn was then buried beneath the Mountain of Kor, never again to see the light of day.

Bahl'al the Watcher had survived the war. Having fled from the pursuing Avatara, he was eventually hunted down and captured in a silver mine on the western side of the Cloudspine. Believing a swift killing was too merciful for such a beast, the Watcher was imprisoned by a powerful spell, permanently sealing his body to the very rock of the mountain.

No one can recall the fate of Mjarin's living head?

After a long period of mourning for their much-loved Emperor Leitrim, Connacht was crowned as the new Emperor of the Cath Bruig Empire. At his coronation, Emperor Connacht issued three commands.

Firstly, the city of Llancarfan was to be renamed to Muirthemne-to honor the brave Dwarven smiths who had given their lives to save it.

Secondly, for the honor of the Northmen of the Twelve Duns who had fallen in battle, they were to be interned in the Mausoleum of Clovis, the first Emperor of the Cath Bruig.

And finally, the mountain pass where Emperor Leitrim fell to Moagim's blade, was to be renamed "The Stair of Grief".

And with that, Emperor Connacht began the rebuilding of the great city of Muirthemne. It was the end of the Wind Age, and the beginning... of the Wolf Age.

Cutscene Dialogue

Scene 1

Many years after the close of the Wind Age, Emperor Connacht called Damas into the Imperial Chamber.

Connacht: "Damas. How run the armies of the empire?"

Damas: "Very well, my Emperor. It has been a long time since we last spoke."

Connacht: "Too long, my friend. How fares Ravanna?"

Damas: "She's busy teaching Finn how to fight."

Connacht: "He has his father's skill I bet."

Damas: "And his mother's temper. Ha ha ha ha ha."

Connacht: "Hah! You have a good family, Damas."

Damas: "Thank you, my Emperor."

Scene 2

Connacht: "Damas, I have a quest for you."

Damas: "A quest!? That'll solve any boredom I've gained by training the troops!"

Connacht: "The quest is a serious one, my friend. I bid you to gather the items of power left in the world. Items like the Tain, the SunHammer, the Eblis Stones, the Trabist's Mirror. Gather together all the items of power remaining in the hands of man and bring them here."

Damas: "I shall bring them to you, my Emperor."

Connacht: "No! Do not bring them to me! When you gather them, you are to hide them from me! Burn those that will burn and bury those that will not! And never tell me where you have hidden them! Never!"

Scene 3

Damas: "Y-Yes, my Emperor. I will do as you wish. But answer me why you ask this? You could use these things for the benefit of the Cath Bruig. Why destroy them?"

Connacht: "Ever since we met with the shade Mazzarin have I known the future. Not everything, mind you, but the major events. I knew that there was a traitor among us. I knew that I would become Emperor. But it is the future that concerns me."

Damas: "How so?"

Connacht: "The world, my friend, has a nature to it. A cycle of light and dark that controls the very destiny of mankind. We have surfaced from an age of darkness into a new age of light. But the world will not always be so. I know that the darkness will return... that I will return, and bring in the new age of darkness."

Scene 4

Damas: "Preposterous! You cannot mean that."

Connacht: "If only it were a lie. But I cannot believe that it is. That is why I bid you to destroy the artifacts of power. When the darkness resurfaces, I do not want it to have access to those items of destruction. You will humor an old man, won't you?"

Damas: "Though I do not completely understand, I will do this for you."

Connacht: "I pray that you never do understand. You are a good general, Damas. And the closest of friends."

Damas: "And you mine, my Emperor."

Unused Post-Epilogue

With the armies of Moagim destroyed, and the Myrkridia and Trow defeated, peace flourished over the lands of man. Connacht proved himself to be a strong and just Emperor. Reuniting the scattered remnants of the Twelve Duns, he gave aid to the rebuilding of their once great nation. The Dwarven Kingdoms would eventually come to think of the Empire of the Cath Bruig as brothers. Emperor Connacht began a dynasty that would last for hundreds of years.

It is said that in Connacht's hundredth year, he left the mighty city of Muirthemne alone and on foot. Eventually, he traveled to his beloved Nation of Gower, and saw and how his people had prospered. From there, legends say that the Emperor Connacht disappeared into the unknown east, not to be seen again for a thousand years.