The Wall

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Thursday April 23, Lesotho Dam

This morning we met up with a scouting party from the Legion about half a day's march south of Silvermines. The Deceiver boasted of his victory over Soulblighter, clutching a mangled crow and claiming to have captured "a part of the murder", crippling his former ally.

The scouts told us that Alric and nearly three thousand men from the Legion have come from Muirthemne to face Soulblighter. Unfortunately, they were met by Shiver and her army in the valley about two hours downstream from the dam. If the dam were destroyed, the resulting deluge would kill everything in its path for miles.

Upon hearing this, The Deceiver shook his head, his face twisting in anger. He moved slowly through the crowd, commanding all those present to defend the dam, insisting that he would punish those who allowed it to fall. Without another word, he headed downstream.

I asked one of the Black Robes why The Deceiver had not stayed to help us and he tersely replied, "he goes to warn the Emperor – moving through odd angles; faster than any man, and if unobserved, much faster than that".

If we fail and Soulblighter destroys the dam, the Legion will be slaughtered with no chance to defend itself.

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