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Sunday April 19, Forest Heart

The old journal records that, during the Great War, Soulblighter trapped the Legion inside an artifact called the Tain. After two days of searching, the avatara Murgen discovered a secret exit. At the cost of his own life, he was able to free the Legion by shattering the Tain from within.

When Soulblighter fled after the Tain was destroyed, he must have taken some part of it with him, knowing that even a tiny fraction of the artifact would be useful in the future. Fate alone kept him from getting a sixty year head start on us. Had The Summoner been born during that earlier age, final victory would have belonged to the Fallen Lords.

King Alric has sent us with The Deceiver to find a piece of the shattered Tain. Once found, The Deceiver will lead us through its broken passages to find The Summoner and cut off Soulblighter's access to the Myrkridia.

We have been looking for almost a week now without luck. There are those among us who feel that we are wasting precious time and manpower - that it will never be found. The Deceiver has no such doubts. He says he can feel it calling to him.

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