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October 30th, 1435 A.E., On the plane of Avernus

Within mere hours, the Oghre of the Trow settlement were freed. They turned on their Trow overseers with a rage cultivated by centuries of tortured enslavement. The Trow, appeared to be perplexed at the swarming Oghre; as if so used to their flawless obedience, their minds would not believe what they beheld. The mighty Trow were dragged down by their many hands and beaten with the very iron tools made to sculpt their monuments. Only after the Trow of the settlement were reduced to so much dust, did the Oghre rejoice their freedom.

It took very little to persuade the Oghres to join their saviors. The fire for revenge burned as brightly as the desire to free the rest of their race.

Led by Connacht's unfaltering visions, the Llancarfan force and the former slaves, conquered several Trow temples-freeing the Oghre-and leaving no Trow alive.

The largest Oghre in the bunch, calling himself Moghbragga, appeared to take charge of the ever growing mass of followers. He bullied and intimidated, keeping the rabble disciplined and following orders. It was this Moghbragga that suggested to Connacht their next target: The iron mines at Avernus.

Following the Oghre's lead, the band made their way across the snow covered landscape and into Avernus. The face of this vast plane was gouged with deep pits and chasms as the result of millennia of ceaseless mining.

Just as Connacht's troops entered into the broken land, Damas' keen eyes spotted groups of Trow amassing their slaves in battle formations. Their forces had either been spotted entering Avernus... or anticipated.

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