Flight from the Dark

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April 10th, 1433 A.E., South-east of the Twelve Duns

The tome found within the Pack-mages den was horrid to gaze upon. It was as if the malign knowledge it contained was somehow tangible, and that the mere act of thinking upon it allowed the soul to be tainted. The precise writing contained within could not be read by anyone save Myrdred-and he would require his library to translate it fully.

The return to Llancarfan was one of celebration. Connacht and his Devil-Slayers had lived up to their name, and the entire city rejoiced at their return. On the steps of the Imperial Palace, Emperor Leitrim presented Connacht with the "Sigil Virtus"- a medal of valor few had ever received. All of Llancarfan knew the name of Connacht and praised their new hero. Even Mjarin was silently complacent.

As the city held its festivities, Myrdred locked himself away in his dark study, and poured over the Pack-Mage's tome. So intense was his research, he refused to be disturbed or even eat. After several days, Myrdred emerged from his study, with a dead pallor about him-but bearing an exhausted smile. Immediately, Connacht, the Emperor, and the War Council were gathered in the Imperial War Room. Myrdred feverously told them about his translation of the tome.

The book was written by none other than Moagim himself. Its pages told of the blackest of necromantic sorceries-and it was intended to teach the Myrkridia these magics. It seemed that Moagim, the one responsible for bringing the Myrkridia into this world a thousand years previous, still held some sway over them. And he planned to use them to attack Llancarfan.

As the commanders began preparations for defense, Myrdred spoke of one other piece of information the book provided-the location of Moagim's main encampment, along the shores of the Deep. Connacht, realizing the potential for that information, boldly addressed the Emperor. An army of Llancarfan soldiers could march on Moagim's encampment and attack him by surprise before he or his army could reach the city walls.

After long hours of discussion and planning, the Emperor finally agreed to give Connacht charge of a regiment of the empire's finest soldiers. They would march north along the Dire Marsh, to the shores of the Deep, and attack Moagim by surprise. They hoped that a strike to Moagim's heart would stop his evil plans before they could be started.

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