The Baron

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Tuesday September 2, The Keep

Cruniac is more competent in military matters than I had given him credit for. Enlisting the help of Jari, a dwarven pathfinder, to infiltrate the keep and lower the drawbridge was inspired. I have a newfound respect for the man.

But our job here has just begun. We must find the Baron. Only then will his army of the dead be put to rest.

Cruniac is nothing if not full of surprises. No sooner had I touched pen to paper in praise of the man than he fell upon one of the captured guards, nearly strangling him to death. I was mortified, but when Cruniac released the fellow he seemed to awaken as if from a deep slumber. The commander had broken the enchantment that had bound the guard.

The guard told us that a few years ago the Baron had several secret passages constructed so that he could make a quick escape if his safety was ever compromised. Cruniac has sent in a small group of men to hunt down the baron. He has positioned men at the main entrance to the keep in case the Baron manages to get past them. If the Baron tries to leave through this entrance he will be killed where he stands. Should he make it to one of the secret exits though, I doubt we would be able to find him in this wild land.

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