Siege of Llancarfan

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July 20th, 1435 A.E., The walls of Llancarfan

The forces of darkness were arrayed before the walls of Llancarfan. The very heart of the Cath Bruig Empire was under assault. If its mighty walls were to fall, so shortly would all of civilization.

The blazing fires of buildings lit up the night sky, turning the dark smoke-filled clouds red with glowing embers. From the city walls, the defenders watched the enemy move through the decimated outlaying towns.

Vast legions of Thrall marched through the streets, hunting for any living survivors. Massed Soulless drifted through fields of farmland, their miasma of pestilence leaving only poisonous and tainted crops in their wake. Hundreds of Oghre slaves searched through the ruined remains for materials for building the massive thrones their Trow masters would sit upon as they waited for the attack. The corpses of the townsfolk who did not reach the safety of Llancarfan gates were raised into Bahl'al's ever growing army of undead.

Throughout the night, the defenders stood at vigilance upon the walls of Llancarfan-waiting for the inevitable attack. Archers and dwarves arrayed on the tops of the walls readied their bows and their explosives. Soldiers and Heron Guard waited by the city gates, ready to give their lives to prevent the enemy from entering the city.

At the first rays of dawn, a panicked horn sounded. It was soon followed by another, and then a third.

The Siege of Llancarfan had begun.

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