The Chimera

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  • pregame pic

Child of darkness, I summon you!

Lord of night, I summon you!

Creature of the sixth abyss, I summon and invoke you!

By the blood of my father, by the flames of the pit, I call you to me!

I need your help, lord. My father's killers are attacking. They have joined forces with the Baron I sought to use against them. They will soon storm this very stronghold you helped me build.

No, lord, I know. I do not doubt. But they are coming closer. Fenris and that foolish priest, all the jackals that gnawed my father's bones. I will have them dead!

Great one, I need power! These illusions will ensnare the unwary, but Fenris will not be fooled for long. Give me power to take my vengeance!

Thank you, lord. Soon I will lay Kyrand's shade to rest at last...

Postgame Pictures

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    Victory Screen
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    Defeat Screen