The Healer

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One Elk Standing Rain, Head of the Council of Muirthemne,

I know now what I must do. It is a hard path I have chosen, but I must walk it alone. The Heron Guard is needed here, with the Emperor. I am needed elsewhere.

I know that you cannot understand why I journeyed into the Untamed Lands to seek the wisdom of the ancient texts, rather than return to the ways of war after we were absolved of our dishonor at Muirthemne. Though you do not understand it, there is power in a life of meditation and study, too.

When I first began to have visions I shared them with you, for the evil in them was familiar to me, but you dismissed them because peace has lain easily on our land. At first I also sought to dismiss them. Now, however, I see too clearly the gardens hung with bones, the silent march of skeletal armies and behind them all, a woman wielding a token of great power. You may believe that I have been scarred by too many battles and that I hear their echoes even in my dreams, but I know these visions are real and not the shadows of memory. I must act.

The irony of the situation does not escape me. One lone scholar leaving a camp of warriors behind to fight alone. Perhaps it is for the best. A scholar may use weapons that a warrior may not.

Fear not for my safety, old friends, for if I oppose an illusion I will be safe. I intend to seek out Fenris, a warrior of unequaled valor but heavy conscience, to ask him to aid me. I will be in good hands if I can find him. Still, as I turn toward the east, old memories return and they are enough to make me wish I had chosen the way of the sword...

Though I leave you, I remain your faithful friend,

Four Bear Silent Oak

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