Journey to Llancarfan

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July 16th, 1432 A.E., On the road through the forest of Talwhyn

The Emperor's fears were justified. Moagim, the faceless terror, had once again been reborn to this world. During the Age of Splendor, Moagim was the most powerful and wicked archmage in all the world. His insatiable lust for power brought war between the nations of humanity and his armies of undying. Even with his great powers, Moagim's army was defeated-his body being drawn and quartered. Yet, even in his death, he was still triumphant. His curse brought forth the Myrkridia into the world, leading to the downfall of civilization, and the end of the Age of Reason.

A millennia of darkness later, Moagim had returned to wage war on the lands of humanity once again. The Avatara of Llancarfan were unsure if this new threat was indeed Moagim Reborn or just an imposter using his name. Some began calling Moagim 'the Leveler'-a name that was understood by a very few at the time. Those that did know the true meaning of the term, shuddered at the very thought...

Traveling through the forested hills of Talwhyn, the contingent of Heron Guard escorted Connacht on their long journey towards the city of Llancarfan.

During the evenings around the camp fires, Damas would attempt to convey to Connacht the importance of his imperial summons. Connacht was always silent and dismissive; unimpressed by imperial titles or decrees. Damas became frustrated with the barbarian's less than civil attitudes and demeanor.

During one night, a distant wolf howled its worship of the moon, and to the guardsmen's surprise, Connacht answered the baying with a howl of his own. Incredulous, Damas stared at the wild man, doubting his sanity. Connacht, grinning a feral smile, only laughed at the astonished guardsmen and laid down to sleep.

A day later, not wishing to walk alongside a mad-man such as Connacht, Damas and a group of guardsmen scouted ahead of the contingent. The rain of the early day had stopped, and sun shined brightly on the forest. Strangely, there were no sounds of birds or animals that morning...

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