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The Militia of Swan's Crossing Minutes

The monthly meeting of the Swan's Crossing Militia was called to order just after sunset in Khay's Tavern.
The minutes from the last month's meeting were read and approved.
The Treasurer's Report was given by Khay and approved.

Old Business:
The fifteen swords we ordered from Brighton arrived last week and the blacksmith was paid in full. Unfortunately, this did not leave enough gold in the treasury to purchase scabbards. Malory proposed a special dues collection to pay for the scabbards, seconded by Martin the Bard, but the motion was defeated.

Tyson's wife finished dying the militia's tunics. They are all now the same color and will be distributed after the meeting. The militia will meet next Monday morning to finish raising their new barn in payment. Peter's suggestion that the tunics be dyed sky blue was again tabled after a brief debate.

New Business:
Khay proposed that we move our training facilities from in front of the tavern out to the field where the old well used to be and further suggested that a second keg of ale be brought to next week's training session, seconded by Joseph. The motion passed unanimously.

James read a letter he received from General Fenris yesterday. He requested a small contingent be sent to escort him to the tomb of Kyrand the Mage. Martin once again told the story of Kyrand's final tragic battle. Barrett proposed that the militia accept the mission but also send a letter to the dwarven irregulars of Brighton and ask them to meet us on the way, seconded by Lee. The motion passed.

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