Bonds of the Oghre

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October 12th, 1435 A.E., The temple complex at Rhi'ornin.

After a month of hard traveling, the small force from Llancarfan had reached its destination. A few miles south of the Trow temples of Avernus, Connacht's troops made their way along the vast Gjol river. On the northern side of the river, a Trow Iron Temple stood as prodigious as a mountain. It was the first Trow settlement any of them had ever seen.

It was as magnificent as it was ominous. Rusting towers of angular shapes stretched to the heavens. Solid iron statues depicting scenes of Trow glories loomed over the canyon-like streets. Scaffolding surrounded many structures, making the Temple-complex look as if it is in a state of constant repair and grooming. Everything in the settlement was constructed solely by iron-huge slabs of it, many feet thick. All of them carved and welded through centuries of labor by Oghre slaves.

Connacht ordered the troop to make camp along the river. They would wait until the deep of night to make their infiltration.

Their plan was to catch the Trow by surprise: Myrdred and a small group of Heron Guard would stealth into the complex under cover of the night. There they would seek out a small group of Oghre slaves, and weave Myrdred's dream of release upon them. With luck, the Oghres would throw off the mental shackles of the Trow's influence... and take revenge upon their masters.

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