Twice Born

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Saturday April 25, the Foot of Tharsis

The tales of Alric's swordsmanship cannot begin to describe what I have just witnessed. He possesses the sword Balmung and wields it with such skill that the magics contained therein spring forth to strike his enemies down. In this man Soulblighter has truly met his match.

The whole of the Legion has been steeling itself for this - the final confrontation with Soulblighter. He is cornered and desperate, making the fight that much more terrible. We engaged his main force two days ago and have been pushing it back toward the Cloudspine ever since. Our casualties number nearly half of our force, but it is certain that we have inflicted far greater damage than we received.

We have Soulblighter's army caught between the Cloudspine, the Ire River, and Tharsis - the legendary forge of the Trow. With The Deceiver in possession of part of his being, Soulblighter no longer has the ability to escape.

We will succeed, for to falter now would be to betray those who have gone before us.

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