The Heartstone of Nyx

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August 14th, 1439 A.E., The center of Rhi'anon

The SunHammer proved to be the implement of the Trow's destruction. After months of systematic annihilation, a score of Trow cities had been turned into lakes of molten iron.

Connacht and his remaining forces had made their way to the edge of Rhi'Anon, the Trow's most ancient city and the center of all Trow civilization. Arrayed upon a hill overlooking the colossal structures, Connacht held aloft the SunHammer and activated its power. A column of light shot from the heavens, but when it dissipated, the iron temple stood unscathed. Myrdred quickly approached Connacht, explaining that somehow Rhi'Anon was shielded from their attacks.

Connacht looked out over the vast Trow city, his eyes came to rest on the Great Temple of Rhi'Anon-taller than any mountain, it towered over the rest of the temples. In a flash of memory that was not his, Connacht remembered what that temple contained: The Heartstone of Nyx.

The brilliant rays from the SunHammer had alerted the Trow to the army' s presence. A multitude of Trow gathered along the edge of their city, making ready to charge the Cath Bruig army.

Connacht selected the most proficient veterans in his force and told them of his plan. As he did so, Myrdred prepared for a massive spell. As the group of heroes made their way towards the Great Temple, the Trow legion spilled out of the city to smash the humans that had dared to threaten them. Myrdred spread his arms and held aloft his dreaming-staff. As he did, a wind rushed over the hill tops and roared into the city. Those Trow in the path of the gale froze mid-stride, held in place by the powerful magics. A wall of quivering statues now stood along the outskirts of the city. Myrdred, in ultimate concentration, prayed that he could hold the spell long enough for the group to reach the Heartstone of Nyx... and destroy it.

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