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The Warrior

  • pregame pic
  • pregame pic

Wild Ones of Ruewood, (hear, understand, believe) the one who is (calling, summoning, dreaming) you!

Who is (summoning, dreaming, hailing) the wild ones of Ruewood?

The Dream Runner is (dreaming, hailing, warning) you.

Dream Runner, the Wild Ones are (listening, hailing, greeting) you.

I am (bringing, showing, telling) you of danger that (approaches, devours, destroys)!

The Hive is (coming, attacking, killing) the gentle ones of Ruewood.

Why would the Hive Mother be (ordering, driving, commanding)?

Why does she send the Hive (attacking, killing, betraying) the gentle ones of Ruewood?

Who is (calling, leading, singing) the hunt for the wild ones of Ruewood?

I am (seeking, finding, hunting) the Hive Mother's will. I am (running, travelling, scouting) north to the heart of the Hive.

The wounded one of Ruewood is (singing, calling, leading) you.

Will you go (guarding, defending, rescuing) the gentle ones of Ruewood?

We will, Dream Runner. Wild ones of Ruewood come (hunting, fighting, howling) for the Dream Runner and the gentle ones of Ruewood.

Postgame Pictures

  • Victory!

    Victory Screen
  • Defeat!

    Defeat Screen