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Legends & Lore

Welcome to the latest incarnation of Legends and Lore. Veteran Myth fans and newcomers alike, come explore the many articles this site has to offer and learn the story of a land with a rich history extending thousands of years into the past. Learn about the triumphs of a legion of soldiers as they fight a hopeless battle deep into the heart of the forces of darkness.

Legends & Lore is divided into five sections:

  • The Journals feature the pre-level narrations, cutscenes, mission objectives, and dialogue from every Myth level.
  • Field Guides are level-by-level tour of the sights, sounds, and secrets of Myth.
  • Relics are canon or pseudo-canon sources of story information outside of the games themselves.
  • Delusions are our best guesses and theories based on facts.
  • The Encyclopedia is a vast tome of knowledge on all things Myth, compiled from all canon sources available.

Before exploring this site we suggest that you have played through all the single player Myth campaigns so you'll have an easier time placing the names and locations as you read about them. Then start with the journal entries and page through them all in order. The journal covers the narration and background information from the levels in the game so they help tell the story from your own experiences controlling the battles. You can also check the corresponding field guide entries for complete tours of the levels showing screenshots of interesting sights, sounds, and easter eggs. Then you can move on to the relics for detailed articles on a variety of topics. You can also find some crazy theories in the delusions section, written both my site staff and contributors. Check your facts in the comprehensive Encyclopedia, and finally, after exploring the entire site, head to The Asylum to talk with other Myth story fanatics and share your theories.

The Legends and Lore sections greatly need your help to continue its growth. Without reader submissions we cannot hope to cover all the topics there are to explore about the world of Myth. If you have any facts or theories to voice, please post them for others to discuss in The Asylum.