Defense of Yursgrad

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August 8th, 1426 A.E., The village of Yursgrad, territory of Gower

This was known as 'The Dark Time' - when living nightmares haunted the lands. With the falling of the sun, unearthly cries undulated from hidden caves as devils stalked out of their shadowy nests to feast upon beast and man alike. They were the Myrkridia. And they were slowly hunting humanity into extinction.

Two human settlements were all that remained in the known world. The splendid city of Llancarfan, and the humble territories of Gower. Llancarfan was the seat of the Cath Bruig Empire, and its towering walls, built in the Age of Reason, were too fortified for even the Myrkridia to scale. The lands of Gower, though, were a different matter.

The clansmen of Gower were hearty people, who worked a hostile and unforgiving land at the edge of the world. For hundreds of years, the Myrkridian devils made prey of the peoples of Gower; stalking from the Dire Marsh to raid their homes and villages. Although many stands were made against the Myrkridia, not a single town was saved. The devils were unstoppable.

On this day, the Myrkridian horde had slaughtered their way to the outskirts of the town of Yursgrad the oldest and mightiest town in the territories. During the fore night, unholy wails drifted from the hills outlying the city. Yursgrad was surrounded. It's doom appeared imminent.

Clansmen who could fight gathered the people to the center of the town, making preparations for their last stand - all the while watching the descending sun and waiting for the darkness to bring their doom.

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