Walls Of Muirthemne

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Thursday February 26, Outer Walls of Muirthemne

Today, after more than two months of separation, we have finally rejoined the rest of the Legion. I will not even hazard to guess the thoughts of those who first sighted the mighty Trow accompanying our force.

After we settled in, Garrick told us of events in the west. Shiver's attack on White Falls came as expected, and the battle there raged for the better part of a month, until Baelden and the seventh legion swept up from the south and attacked Shiver's flank. Her army was forced to retreat east toward Willow and the combined forces under Alric and Baelden fell upon her rear guard, destroying it utterly.

The victory was short-lived, however, as Shiver returned a week later with an army of Myrkridia. This time we were pushed across the Meander and now Tandem's fall is inevitable.

So the King has decided on a new course of action. The Legion must capture Muirthemne, though for what purpose we cannot tell, for the city holds no strategic benefits. King Alric himself plans to be here within the week, and we must capture the city before he arrives.

Our scouts have returned from the city proper bearing grim news. The shade Herod and a great number of fetch and Myrkridia are occupying the old armory, just inside the city walls.

Tomorrow we lay siege to Muirthemne with the aid of the Trow and a team of Dwarven Mortars. Breaching the massive wall that protects the old armory is foremost on our list of objectives. While that curtain stands, our infantry is but grist for the mill.

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