Fall of the Crown

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September 25th, 1440 A.E., Near the Nornpass of the Cloudspine

The battle at Helsford was a turning point. Moagim's army, being crippled by Connacht's forces, fled westward towards the Cloudspine.

As soon as they could tend to the wounded, the army was once again in the pursuit of Moagim's forces. They were marching into mountainous terrain, and Connacht feared that they were heading towards the Nornpass. If Moagim's forces were to cross the Cloudspine and into the western lands of the Provinces, he might not ever be stopped.

The army marched for weeks trying to close the distance between Moagim's army.

One night, as the leaders of the army made plans for their travel, an Avatara remarked at Myrdred's extraordinary powers. He stated that not even the most accomplished of Avatara could weave the Dream spells at his disposal. When asked where he had learned these great spells, Myrdred was strangely silent.

As the army reached the base of the Nornpass, they were less than a day from Moagim's legion. The fierce weather along the Cloudspine made the journey a hard and soggy endeavor. At the mouth of the mountain passage, the army made camp. At the break of dawn, they would move into the pass and stop Moagim from entering the lands to the west.

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