Out of the Barrier

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Wednesday November 19, The Barrier

Finding Alric, the companions later told me, was the easy part, and breaking the enchantments which bound him the matter of but a few moments consideration. It wasn't until they turned to escape, leading the barely conscious and unresponsive Alric, that the rescue became a thing of legend.

The companions say that Alric became more and more lucid toward the end, and revealed things that day in the desert which only made sense in the light of later events. He continually returned to the belief that he had been betrayed.

Alric babbled about a suit of armor so powerful that its wearer was invulnerable to attack and tireless in battle. He claimed that it was buried somewhere in the eastern desert, and that he had been sent by The Head to retrieve it.

They say Alric talked about The Head often, ridiculing The Nine's belief that it was one of the avatara of Connacht. Connacht was the great hero of the Wind Age, who drove the evil Moagim from the earth, and The Head claims to have been one of Connacht's closest advisors during this time.

Once Alric even spoke of The Head's defeat by Balor, where it lost its body. But I've begun to wonder how one of the avatara of the Wind Age outlived Connacht himself by hundreds of years, to fight Balor in a battle long before the West had even heard of The Fallen Lords.

I have been unable to reconcile this with what I know of history.

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