River of Blood


"You kiss your mother with that mouth?"

Here is some interesting writing found inside the east most edge of the wall around the entrance to Rhi'anon.

As the very literate Astyanax points out:

It should be, if anything, 'ore isto?' without the CUM. OSCULARIS probably SHOULDN'T take the genitive (tui matris) but the accusative MATREM TUAM.

West of the bridge near the river can be found some battle scars. Many players have missed them because you approach the bridge from the east and by then you don't have any time for sightseeing.

These scars are created by stacks of body parts and satchel charges, similar to the battle scars seen near the Myrkridian standard in the Last Battle.

Neat special effects, map makers take note.

Matthew Holm writes:

Outside the city walls, send a lone Berserk as far to the right of the map as possible. After you've blasted your way through the welcoming committee at the gates, you'll be able to march the rest of your company unhindered all the way to the right (inside the walls) and kill that one gang of Myrmidons and Trow at your leisure, as they'll be obsessed with trying to take out the Berserk who's just out of reach on the other side of the walls. They never even bother to turn round or stop walking into the wall as you shoot them to pieces. Then run your Berserk back and through the gates to meet up with his chums.

Asmodeus adds:

...that trick works on everbody north of the gates, not just that first group. When I filmed that level killing everything that trick was indispensable. I'm not sure it would be possible to kill everything on legendary otherwise.

Written and compiled by Joshstar and poena.dare.