Seven Gates

There's an interesting phenomenon in Myth which is first seen on this level. In Bungie maps where there are multiple 'teams' of enemy units, the 'player' who they belong to, as listed in their status bar, is either nothing at all or "Light".

Odd that a Dark unit would 'belong' to Light, isn't it? Perhaps an old, unimplemented feature, was computer-controlled Dark units fighting for the Light, and they would become tagged as such to help you know. Indeed, Myth advertisements, including on the box itself, mention treachery in your own ranks (like Shadow of the Mountain) and turning the Fallen's hatred of each other to your advantage (like Seven Gates). But neither of these seems to be really implemented; on Shadow of the Mountain, that grey Dwarf who comes in from the middle of nowhere was probably meant to turn on you. And the Fallen in Seven Gates, The Watcher and The Deceiver, perhaps one of them was meant to aid you against the other. But when this feature wasn't implemented, the naming scheme stayed, to give what we now see.

An interview with Jay Barry was held at Bungie Sightings on February 9th 2003. Jay was a level designer on Myth: The Fallen Lords but left Bungie before Myth II was shipped. Here's what he had to say about Seven Gates:

This was cool. Getting the game to fight itself convincingly took time, but I thought that this level was fun for a player who went right at it and didn't just inch forward waiting to trip the events.

Luring all the groups together, setting up soulless against fetch to destroy legions of thrall, and nailing Scaripant from across the water gives me immense satisfaction on this level. Good job Jay!

Written and compiled by the Myth Nontoxic crew.