The Forge

Most of the interesting things on this level are mapmaking tricks, but there is one true easter egg as well.

The Myth engine cannot have truely overlapping spaces, such as bridges which you can walk over and under. Models, such as this, are truely 3D, but meshes (and thus units on them) are limited to an extruded 2D surfaces.

You would then think that since you can walk under this arch, that you could not in turn walk over it.

And yet you can! How? Notice the rocks below it, and that the top and bottom walkable areas of this bridge look very similar. The mesh is actually rising up to the top level when you can't see it, and the model is animating to put those rocks there, so that you can't try to walk under it again.

Finally, in the far northeast, you can see that fisherman from Willow Creek, fishing in the ol' lava hole! We've truly come full circle.

Written and compiled by Forrest.