This level has one real easter egg, and a few bits that might be easter eggs and might just be some sort of reccurring oddity...

The first occurrence of said oddity(?) is when Shiver attacks the Deceiver at the start of the level. The particle streams she send look perfectly mundane (for world-shattering magic, that is), until they make impact, at which point, as you see, they flash tiny Tains. Wtf?

Next we find this here pit, toward the north. What is that red dot?

Looks like the tip of a Warlock's staff. Lets try to tell the 'Lock to pick it up - no way he can get over there, can he?

Woah! The land rises up!

And he walks right across!

Now lets see what that artifact does. We got four shots, but of what? Ah, cool! Triple seeking tiny fireballs that do full damage each!

Lastly, after the Deceiver defeats Shiver, he just stands there and gets blown up by some sort of magic falling from the sky where Shiver was standing. Shiver's last revenge? The script says "He's yours till he's dead" so it's not a bug. And the projectiles themselves are, again, tiny Tains...

Addendum: IronDuke pointed out on the Asylum that there are a few features of the color map for this level remniscient of "A Murder of Crows" and "The Five Champions". Heron Guard King pointed out that the top-left corner of the Shiver map is in fact identical to the lower-right corner of the Murder map!

That type of spiral design also appears on TFL's "The Five Champions", but this is certainly not that same area. However, an image like this one DOES appear on the Five Champions, except with one crow instead of two, and a different kind of animal being attacked. What's the connection?

While looking at the colormap, I found another image in the northeast corner, which appears to be a woman's face, much like Shiver's in the "Tales From Myth TFL" official Bungie comic. (See Relics).

Inky writes to say that the face reminds him more of Edvard Munch's painting: The Scream. I would tend to agree.

Written and compiled by Forrest.