The Watcher

In this level you can see empty bloody stakes that cast a shadow of impaled bodies. Another sign of Bungie's laziness (?).

It seems that Bungie designed the image map of the level planning on having bodies stuck in the spikes, but for one reason or another (maybe censors, or a pg audience) they were unable to make the sprite for the bodies. It's a shame because it would really be cool to see, in a sick way. It reminds me of those twitching impaled bodies in Doom.

Beguiler points out that before the maximum zoom out range was increased in Myth 1.1, it was not possible to see the tops of the stakes, and the "missing" bodies were left to your imagination. That would explain it.

ThorulfR points out that although the Watcher's caption says he tore off his left arm, and it is indeed a severed, left arm we see in various victory and defeat screens, it's his right arm that's missing when we see him in person in "The Watcher" and in the victory screens for "Homecoming" and "Flight From Covenant". The only possible conclusion, other than a mistake by Bungie (which is, of course, impossible) is that the Watcher has two left arms.

This does a great deal to explain an alleged comment Shiver once made to the Watcher while the two were dancing at the Millenial Si'anwon Sock Hop: "Oh, Mad Goat, you have two left feet, too!". She dated the Deceiver for the next three hundred years, and the rest, as they say, is history!

There are many out of the way sights worth seeing in a second trip through this level. Craters and sink holes can be found scattered around the level.

Would this be from fragments that have broken loose from the comet?

What can these symbols mean?

Take a close look at the detail on these pillars.

Written and compiled by the Myth Nontoxic crew.