It seems that the effort involved in making Myth killed seven Bungie employees. If you see any of the people listed here, be careful, they are the Bundead!

Ba'alzamon writes:

...a while back there was an interview at the Codex with the sound designers for Myth. In the interview it is mentioned that there are voices in the graveyard of Silvermines. I finally just went and extracted them (with the help of The Fallen Sounds) and played them over and over and over and over till they were superglued to my subconscious.

Indeed, there are several voices in the graveyard (their location is "rato random tomb" in The Fallen Sounds). Being easter eggs, the voices have been severely distorted, making it hard to hear what they're saying.

After helpful e-mails from Geoffrey W. Barnett and Sam Earl all four voices have been deciphered. The voices say:

  • "Bungie rules the game world"
  • "Jason" (Jones, Bungie founder)
  • "Alex" (Seropian, Bungie Founder (thanks to orange for the correction)
  • "Tuncer" (Deniz, Bungie Production Manager... apparently I'vebeen pronouncing Tuncer incorrectly, and that's why the voice made no sense to me)

You can download the sounds in Windows (.wav) or Mac (.aiff) format.

Also be sure to look for this mine in the east central area of the map.

As you approach some very cool bats fly out of the mouth of the mine entrance towards you. Be sure to get a good view.

Written and compiled by the Myth Nontoxic crew.