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Field Guides

The Field Guides record the easter eggs and points of interest from each level. They are hyperlinked to the appropriate Journal pages for your conveniance. We suggest you start from Crow's Bridge and work your way through, but of course you don't have to.

Myth: The Fallen Lords

1) Crows Bridge
• Tour of the Village
• Butcher shop
• Barrels
• Pumpkins

2) A Traitors Grave
• A Mobile Home
• Say She Looks Great
• A Tour of Otter Ferry

3) The Siege of Madrigal
• The Edge of the World

4) Homecoming
• A Statue Holding a Book
• The 'Lost' Group Found
• Wighted World Knot
• Warrior and Bird Shadows

5) Flight from Covenant
• Soulblighter
• Exit Tunnel
• Shy Myrmidons

6) Force Ten
• Strange Villagers
• A Waterfall
• Invisible Soulless
• Shriners Convention

7) Bagrada
• Battle Scars
• Marker Stones

• Two Big Guys

My First Trow

8) Ambush at Devil's
• It's a Snow Skull
• What is the Bonus?

9) The Five Champions
• A Cryptic Drawing
• Alric Wakes Up

Another Cryptic Drawing
• The Other Five Champions

The Battle that Never Was
• A Face From Mars

10) Out of The Barrier
• Oleg and the Green Cubes
• The Bow of Stoning

11) Silvermines
• The Mine Entrance
• Dead Bungie Employees
• Voices of the Dead

12) Shadow of Mountain
• The Invisible Observer
• The Legion's Baggage

13) Seven Gates
• Light Thrall?


14) Forest Heart
• A Bridge / Volcano
• Foreshadowing

15) Heart of the Stone
• The Tain & Escher
• Pillar Runes
• How to Get Out
• None Left Behind

16) Smiths of Muirthemne
• Lightning Towers

17) Sons of Myrgard
• Look, Balin! I Can Fly!
• Strange Stones
• Screw the script

18) A Long Awaited Drinking Party
• Get Invited to a Secret Party
• When You Get There
• The Secret Hex Message
• PacMan on the Loose

19) The Road North
• None yet...

20) Across the Gjol
• Mixed Up, with a Twin

21) The Watcher
• A Tour of the Dire Marsh
• The Missing Bodies
• The Watcher
• The Watcher's Two Left Arms

22) River of Blood
• Battle Scars
• Trow Grafitti

23) Pools of Iron
• A Melted Statue

24) The Last Battle
• Balorus Interruptus
• Battle Scars
• Trow Slogan

25) The Great Devoid
• Dwarven Head Golf
• Soulblighter? Shoo!
• A Familiar Head

 i) Netmaps
• RiP - Sleepy little boy
• Creep - Elephant Head
• Netmap we Never Saw

 ii) 10,000 Faces
• Ahh!
    They are everywhere.

Myth II: Soulblighter

0) Tutorial
• Funny lines
• Bacon!

1) Willow Creek
• A windmill
• You can learn a lot from a dummy
• Fishin' Bob
• Tuncer's Ale House
• Tuncer's Outhouse

2) Salvation
• Signposts
• Bungie Dead 2: Army of Deadness
• Four Ruriks of the apocalypse

3) Down A Broken Path
• Rurik the Whiny
• Chickens, attack!
• The Mayor of Tallow
• Frogs and Easter Eggs
• A secret level!

4) Into The Breach
• The World's Biggest Turnip
• The World's Buffest Dorf

5) The Baron
• Indoor Myth
• Strange books

6) Gonen's Bridge
• Two Paths
• Vanishing Signposts
• Kill the Horde
• The Horde Returns
• Alternate Overhead
• Hidden Mahir
• Eat At Joe's

7) Beyond The Cloudspine
• Deja Vu
• Frankenstein Computer God
• Two paths
• A message?

8) The Great Library
• Deja Vu All Over Again
• Another Statue
• Bungie Panorama Returns

9) Gate Of Storms
• A mysterious(?) obelisk
• Really cool models
• The start of a Skull Platform?

10) Landing At White Falls
• A tour of White Falls
• A cheap trick
• A beachball
• A diving Dwarf
• An invisible Zerk

11) Through The Ermine
• Lost conversation
• A scripting bug
• Changing faces

12) Stair Of Grief
• Funny lines


13) The Deceiver
• Recursive parody

14) With Friends Like These
• Four Trow
• Funny lines
• Don't shoot the Deceiver!

15) Walls Of Muirthemne
• Paratroopers
• Walls
• Spiders
• Pyramids

16) The Ibis Crown
• Floor symbols
• The road to nowhere
• An interesting mural
• Hidden messages

17) Redemption
• Giants
• Walls
• Herons

18) Relic
• Images under bridges
• A face in the mesh
• The lost Griffin!

19) The Summoner
• The Void
• Gates and gatekeepers
• Tiny Tains
• Tain Towers
• A Myrkridian skull platform

20) A Murder Of Crows
• Beatings
• Phelot
• Snitches
• Crystals
• Caves
• Two exits

21) Limbs, Heads, And Smoking Craters
• Wights
• Things to blow up
• More wights
• More things to blow up
• Really big explosions
• Lots of wights, too

22) The Wall
• Easter Island
• The Bungie Song
• Clever scripting
• Unused lines

23) Shiver
• Tiny Tains again
• A magic artifact
• Overlapping maps
• Crows attacking hooved mammals
• A woman's face

24) Twice Born
• Broken Balmung
• Un-unhealable Soulblighter

25) The Forge
• Cool map tricks
• Lava fishing

Myth II: Chimera

The Healer
• Under construction.

The Warrior
• Under construction.

The Mage
• Under construction.

The Archer
• Under construction.


The Messenger
• Under construction.

The Baron
• Under construction.

The Chimera
• Under construction.

The Fiend
• Under construction.

Found anything we've missed? Got a theory that fits? Have a correction to make?
Please post it in The Asylum so others can add their ideas and thoughts.

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