A Traitor's Grave

One day Ori the dwarf was sent on a mission to assassinate the traitorous mayor of Otter Ferry. He took a few of his friends with him. It was a very important mission, but Ori said, "It's such a nice day, let's go exploring!". His friends argued, but Ori insisted that they could have some fun and still get back in time to kill the mayor.

First they turned around to revisit a rather interesting hill they had passed coming in. Ori tried to throw a grenade to the top, but his friends made him stop after one rolled back down the hill and nearly decapitated ny'Anmey.

They then headed north. After much walking, they came upon a well kept cobblestone road. They were lost at this point, and decided to follow it. One direction led further out to the country.

They decided to follow the road in the other direction, and it soon lead them to a farm. The owners appeared to be recently deceased, so the group decided to take a rest there. Eight Pride Stalking Rabbit and Ori leaned against the barn and discussed their various grievances with the Legion's standard issue clothing and the low alcohol content in the new cocktail formula. The fir'Bolg engaged in a game of Plogr-pthan'Put, a rather dangerous derivative of hackey sack.

The friends left the farm, and wandered through the woods for many hours, losing several of their number to ghol ambushes on the way. They eventually spotted the monument they were supposed to find the mayor at. Alas, he had long since departed.

The preceding was actually based on a true story of a film sent in by none other than Devil, so now who's yer daddy?

Also, when attempting to recreate Devil's misadventures in happy lemurland for yourself, don't forget about this neat little trailer home can be found in the southwest corner of the map. When you approach you can hear music that sounds like it is coming from a radio inside the trailer.

Look at all the empties!

Thanks to SpacdOut for this superb tip!

Written and compiled by the Myth Nontoxic crew.