Shadow of the Mountain

In this level victory is determined by how many of the enemy you kill. The harder the difficulty level, the more waves you face, the more you have to kill.

So it is not necessary for you to protect your baggage at the top of the hill at all. You can wander the map at will. (And get butchered in the process.)

It is interesting to note that even if you evacuate the hill, you can still see all the enemy units on it. Who is keeping an eye on the enemy even though you aren't there?

Your Invisible Observers are!

In this level Bungie put this special unit type on your side. These units are probably just under the mesh of the map so that they don't show up as friendly dots on the display. Somewhat like Thrall not showing up when they are in water.

Because the units are on your side, you see everything around them. So in this map, when the forces of Dark storm the hill, you see them no matter how far away you get.

And what do these units look like? Very tiny Warriors!

Here are a few Archers and a friend standing behind a line of Invisible Observers. They come in random sizes, but always pretty small. They are not very good units; they hardly do any damage at all. On the other hand, the real tiny ones are nearly impossible to hit and the enemy has to swat at them all day before they croak.

Remember that arm you had to find in Silvermines? Well, in Shadow of the Mountain it is still with you, in the box with the rest of the Legion's baggage.

If you want to take a look at the arm, have a Dwarf drop a satchel charge near the standard and blow up your baggage. The arm will pop out and you can have the Journeyman pick it up.

Thanks to Knuckles for pointing this one out.

Written and compiled by the Myth Nontoxic crew.