The Great Library

Like the previous level, this map revisits old ground from Myth TFL. However, unlike Beyond the Cloudspine, this is not simply a new version of the same mesh; it's only got a tiny corner overlapping with the colormap from "Homecoming". In fact, with a little creative extrapolation one huge map could be created from the colormaps of "Homecoming", "Flight From Covenant", and "The Great Library", covering a large portion of Covenant.

Notice first the overhead maps. Some similarities noticable in the opposite corners, circled in red here.

Hrm, this World Knot at the end is familiar, as if from an old dream...

Oh wait, that was no dream! That was my previous life sixty years ago, where I came to Covenant through this same World Knot.

One of the first things you will notice on this level is a statue of Alric posed with an Eblis Stone, as per "The Last Battle" from TFL. The base reads "Rhi'anon, JVLY XXI" (July 21st).

Various units will say various things while waiting for the Journeyman to retrive the Codex. A zerk may say "So, exactly how big is this library?" or "Well, I guess they don't call it the Great Library for nothing." A bowman may say "My cousin Dewey would have been back with it by now." Or, funniest of all, a Dwarf may say "It'd be just our luck if someone already had it checked out..."!

Finally, if you zoom far enough inside the Great Library, you can see this image from A Long Awaited Drinking Party lining the sides of the walls inside the Library

Written and compiled by Forrest.