Through The Ermine

This level has an interesting bug(?), and a couple interesting unused subtitles.

At the intro, we hear two Berserks having a conversation. But there appears to an alternate version of this conversation:

Ask for forgiveness....
...but I didn't see it until it was too late!
Don't complain that it was so small as to be in danger of being trod on by a Dwarf!

Then, if you run over to this statue immediately as the level begins and taunt with your Berserks, the idol will roar... and you will win the level automatically. Scripting bug, or...? (Ares informs me that yes, it is a scripting bug).

Addendum: I didn't think this worth mentioning before, but Ares convinced me: the idol's expression will change at various stages in the game. You can see it's three phases in this image.

Written and compiled by Forrest.