Across the Gjol

Unlike the other single player maps in Myth, this one doesn't match the tactical map in the prologue. Does the river run north-south or is it east-west? On a side note: In the Myth: The Fallen Lords Official Secrets and Strategies by Bart Farkas the map is shown with the orientation as we would expect it.

On top of that, the actual area of the map you are virtually chained to (marked in red) is a small portion of the map. Why waste all that space? Maybe we were supposed to meet some Mahir in the swampy areas?

Here is another tidbit. Ever notice how Death in the Dire Marsh (left) is very similar to Across the Gjol (right)?

A huge depression here, a bluff removed there, some swamp changed to dry land, and presto -- a new map!

Written and compiled by the Myth Nontoxic crew.