Limbs, Heads, and Smoking Craters

This level is the secret level, and doesn't have a lot of secrets of its own, but it's got a lot of cool stuff to blow up!

You will face a couple hordes like this at the start. Your archers will say a number of things, like "I'm sorry guys, I... I think I'm going to cry", "Oh, this is going to be sweet!", or "Gimme gimme gimme!" when they see these hordes.

If you can tag a wight quickly enough you can blow them all up like this. Whee doggy!

If not, they will scatter and you will have to fight them the old fashioned way.

After a few Ghols, Fetch, and Soulless, there are three fun things to blow up in one place: a wagon full of satchels, a pile of cannonballs, and a cave full of more satchels, which the Ghols were loading into the wagon before you came along.

Next bit is a Wight pen guarded by Soulless. You can pick the Soulless off and then go after the wights, or just try to tag a wight close to the fence and take the Soulless out with them.

Once inside the fence, start attacking the remaining wights and they will charge at you like pigs to the slaughter.

Moving on, head east and some Ghols with various explosive implements will attack you. Take them with arcs or try to use a dodging zerk to make them blow their load prematurely.

Keep going east and you'll find a HUGE pile of satchels. Upon detonation one of your Dwarfs may say "Woahoho, wait 'till I tell Balin about this one!" There's also a cool camera-shaking effect.

Head back west into the final area. Fight through some Ghols, Mauls, Fetch, and Soulless - the only real difficult opposition on the map, though those first Fetch can be a bit tricky too - and you'll find an outhouse just begging to be blown up.

And finally, a shack filled with explosive implements, surrounded by satchels and cannonballs, with some Soulless on top. Toss a molotov in under the door and watch it go boom. One of your Dwarves may say "They blowed up real good!". Even if not, you've won!

Written and compiled by Forrest.