Willow Creek

This level is so phenominally easy and straightforward that I won't even bother mentioning any strategy to use. So let's get right down to the interesting bits, shall we?

The first thing you will notice is a rather large windmill. This is the first piece of animated scenery seen in Myth. You would already have seen it in the tutorial though, so lets skip ahead to more important stuff... target dummies. Haven't seen any of them since Sons of Myrgard. Well, and that training level again, but lets not count that. This fellow is the only one of his kind on this level, and you can find him acting as a scarecrow in the garden to the northwest.

Now this fellow's got the right attitude. "Walking dead? Bah. All I need is me ol' fishin' rod an' a can o' worms." Not gonna catch much in that little trickle of a creek, though.

Bungie has opened shop in Willow Creek! No doubt this ale house, bubbling over with the sounds of drunken peasants washing away their fears of utter annihilation, is merely a front for a vast empire intent on conquering the lands with the intoxicating power of Surly Dwarf Ale.

Ah, and the crowning piece of Willow Creek. The Outhouse. What would the citizens of Willow Creek ever do without it?

"This elevator only goes to the basement! And someone made an aaaawful mess down there!"

Addendum: I noticed while playing this level again last night that the villager who runs past you at the beginning actually stops and vanishes in plain view, instead of running off the map and vanishing like most do.

Written and compiled by Forrest.