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This is level twenty-five of
   Myth: The Fallen Lords.
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Truan: Well, here we are ladies and gentlemen, the 25th hole of the Nontoxic Invitational Dwarven Golf Tournament. Tension is high as Ivoldi sets up for this final hole.

Turgeïs: And a Great hole, it is too! (Laughter)

Truan: Yes it is, Turg, yes it is.

Turgeïs: But one has to wonder if Ivoldi is up to it today. He was rather badly mauled by a Fetch at the Last hole and his play in general has been rather sluggish.

Truan: I have to agree with you there, it has seemed the he has been Lagging rather badly lately. But you know better than to count him out just based on a few minor burns.

Turgeïs: Yes I do, Tru. As I recall it was you that said he was going to lose Rank at the Devil's Overlook tee off.

Truan: I certainly had egg on my face that day. I never suspected that he...

Turgeïs: Well, enough of that. Ivoldi is setting up for the shot. He seems to be selecting two satchel charges for this hole. Rather ambitious if you ask me.

Truan: Well, thankfully we are not asking you Turg! This can only mean he is planning to go the distance on this shot. There, he is preparing for the toss, aided by his caddy, Deri.

Turgeïs: And there is the toss - a good center shot!

Truan: It's up! We definitely have some air here. Up, up, up...

Turgeïs: Look at that perfect arc of blood trailing behind the head! Looks like it is going a bit too far...

Truan: No! Look! The wind is pushing it back! Ah! He did it!

Turgeïs: A hole in one! The crowd here is going wild.

Truan: Well, that wraps it up. Ivoldi has shut out the competition with this daring play. Future Dwarven golfers will do well to watch the film [mac] [win] of this.

The judges later ruled that Ivoldi's shot was improper and disqualified him from the tournament. Ivoldi and his caddies committed suicide shortly thereafter.

It is interesting to note that you cannot win this level by satchel-ing the head into the Devoid! However, if you have a Dwarf toss the head into the Devoid and it gets stuck on the edge (happened to me the first time I played this level) you can use cocktails to dislodge it and win the game.

Just another Myth idiosyncrasy we will have to cherish. Thanks to Jeremy Hildebrand for the idea and the film.

A keen eyed John Gendreau noticed something peculiar among the debris flying out of the Great Devoid in the final cutscene. A head. But not just your average, run of the mill, unlucky warrior head. A strange head indeed, almost familiar...

But those devious criminals at Bungie made it all but impossible to take a screenshot in the final cutscene, so it was hard to be certain who's head it was.

After taking some very drastic steps, too dangerous to share here, I was able to get a picture of the mysterious head. Here it is for all to see.

Why it's none other than our good friend Alric. Our late good friend Alric, if that trailing spinal column and burnt flesh mean anything. But Alric was conspicuously absent during the level, how did he manage to be in such an unfortunate position when the blast came? Strange indeed...

Having trouble with that pesky Soulblighter? He is near impossible to kill with melee troops. What can we do?

Healing Soulblighter

Have the J-Man do the voodoo the he do so well.

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The Last Battle
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Written and compiled by Joshstar and poena.dare.

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