The Encyclopedia

The Encyclopedia is a vast tome of knowledge on all things Myth, compiled from all canon sources available, including the Myth games, PRASP maps such as Boil & Bubble, canon scenarios like Chimera, verbatim canon texts such as Tales From Myth The Fallen Lords, and the manuals from the games, as well as canonically approved third party sources such as the Sybex strategy guides and GURPS Myth. Think of it as a cyber-Codex.

The Encyclopedia is divided into four sections:

  • Who is divided into sections for individual people (such as Connacht), groups (such as the Smiths of Muirthemne), and races (such as the Myrkridia).
  • What contains information on all objects seen or heard of (such as the Tain<).
  • Where has information on regions (such as the Cath Bruig Empire), locations (such as Muirthemne), specific places (such as the Mausoleum of Clovis), and maps of the Myth world in different time periods.
  • When contains data on periods of time (such as the Wind Age), events (such as the Sack of Muirthemne).

So head on out into the rest of this section and start exploring!