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Myth II:
Down A Broken Path
Index Myth II:
The Baron

INTO THE BREACH This is level four of
   Myth II: Soulblighter.
Go to the Journal for literature and interpretation of the level.

Into The Breach doesn't have a whole lot of noteworthy sights and sounds to it. It's a fairly straight-forward siege mission. But there is one interesting easter egg, and a variant strategy you can play.
Two of these guards will engage in a rather interesting discussion when you send Jari through the gates. I'm told by a number of sources that it is an almost verbatim transcript from an old "Cheech and Chong" skit. It involves giant turnips, of all things, and it goes something like this:
   LEFT GUARD: You must have saved up a bundle by now, huh?
RIGHT GUARD: That I have, mate. That I have.
   LEFT GUARD: Well you must be savin' up for a reason, eh?
RIGHT GUARD: Yup, yup. I've had my eye on a turnip for quite a while now.
RIGHT GUARD: Well not just any turnip! The world's biggest turnip!
   LEFT GUARD: So then what? Turnip soup for everyone?
RIGHT GUARD: No! You don't just EAT the biggest turnip in the world!
   LEFT GUARD: Uh, so... do you make a wish on in?
RIGHT GUARD: [pause] Now that's just plain silly.
(Update: Rincewind MoG informs me that it may actually be from an episode of "Blackadder". Perhaps this is like the "claptrap verboso nomnom" line from "The Deceiver", which is a incorrect recital of "klaatu verata niktu" from both The Day The Earth Stood Still AND Army Of Darkness, the latter mocking the former and Myth in turn mocking the latter).

(Second update: William Wallace has clarified that giant turnips are a running gag on the Blackadder series, but that no such conversation ever took place verbatim. Whether it was actually a Cheech and Chong skit too, we still don't know).

(Third update: Ryan Nope says that it actually IS a verbatim conversation from Black Adder, between Rowan Atkinson [best known as Mr. Bean in America] and Baldrick, his servant).

Now, that interesting strategy I mentioned. It seems Dwarven Pathfinders have a knack for taking out whole levels on their own. Just like in the last level with a pathfinder, "Sons of Mygard", Into The Breach features a mission where a cloaked pathfinder must infiltrate an enemy compound and clear the way for reinforcements. If you send Jari up to the walls where he is supposed to blow the winch, but instead you simply kill the archers, you can take out pretty much everyone else inside the compound with no other help, most of them from your advantageous position on the walls.

It takes some dodging skills to take out the archers, and all but the most experianced players should blow the winch and bring their archers through to kill the second set of enemy arcs on the opposite wall, but if you're moderately skilled with Dwarves you should be able to take out all the enemies with nothing but Jari. You will eventually have to blow the winch to trigger the last wave of Stygian Knights and win the level, however, and if Jari dies before you blow it you will lose the level. Good luck, and have fun!

Myth II:
Down A Broken Path
Index Myth II:
The Baron

Written and compiled Forrest.

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