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Myth TFL:
The Five Champions
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OUT OF THE BARRIER This is level ten of
   Myth: The Fallen Lords.
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Here lies the Bow of Stoning. Look for this powerful artifact near the buried temple which can be found in the south central section of the map.


ki'Angsi will cheer when he gets his hands on it, but watch out, the ghols hiding in the temple like to attack right about then. To use this bow, tap ki'Angsi's special ability key to fire magic arrows that turns targets into stone. The bow is equally good at stoning your other units! Luckily, the healing touch of your Journeyman will set things right if that happens.

And now for a Nontoxic original story...

Oleg and the Green Cubes
based on the film [mac] [win] by

Once upon a time there was a Dwarf hero named Oleg. Oleg liked to blow things up. He liked the loud noises and the pretty colors the fire would make.

One day, while he was traveling in the Barrier, he found some green cubes lying on the ground where a Shade had died. Oleg had never blown up green cubes before and he wanted to very badly.

His friends said, "Oleg, don't play with the green cubes. You don't know what they are!"

Oleg wouldn't listen. He was too busy placing satchel charges.

His friends said, "Oleg, come with us. We have to get out of here."

Oleg told them to go ahead, that he would be with them in a minute.

His friends knew that Oleg, being a Dwarf, was stubborn. Once he set his mind to do something he couldn't be stopped. Especially when it came to blowing things up.

Oleg finished placing his satchel charges and took a few steps back. His friends were running for their lives up the mountain. Oleg noticed that he had a lot more company, too. It seems the reinforcements for the Dark had arrived.

Oleg didn't care. He wanted to blow up the green cubes. He remembered the words his father had told him after he made his first cocktail. "You can only blow up one thing at a time."

Oleg threw a cocktail at the cubes and there was a big boom. And then a series of more booms as three Dispersal Dreams were released from the cubes. Oleg hopped for joy as he saw the Dreams eat up his enemies. But Oleg's enemies were too numerous and after the Dispersal Dreams were gone they set upon him! Ouch!

His friends managed to escape that day. They really didn't miss Oleg because he was always cranky. Truan went on to star in Nike commercials, Turgeïs marketed hair care products for men, ki'Angsi sold the Bow of Stoning and retired, the Journeyman finally lost weight and made exercise videos, and Alric managed to arrange it so that everyone but him died in the war.

And they lived happily ever after.

Moral: The cube of all evil is equal to the root of your ignorance.

Myth TFL:
The Five Champions
Index Myth TFL:

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