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Myth TFL:
Ambush at Devil's Overlook
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Out of the Barrier

THE FIVE CHAMPIONS This is level nine of
   Myth: The Fallen Lords.
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This is perhaps one of the most secretive levels in the game. From the inaccurate cutscene to the unexplainable drawings in the sand, this level just screams secrets from the moment it starts. Bungie is definately to blame.

Conspiracy! Deceit! Deception in the ranks!

Keen eyed informant SyberSmoke alerts us of a strange rock in the Barrier. A rock that may be familiar to those who follow the UFO circuit.

High resolution satellite photos, taken by NASA's MythTech Orbiter, and stolen by Nontoxic, reveal this shocking image:

Our own image enhancing techniques make the truth even more obvious....


Indeed, this is the controversial face on Mars photographed by the Viking Orbiter in the seventies.

Not content with a disputable satellite image, Nontoxic launched an expedition to the Barrier, in search of this mystery rock. The journey was arduous, but we finally spotted it near a column of wandering thrall. Ladies and gentlemen, there can be no doubt...

...Bungie is in on the conspiracy.
Next, we have an ad Bungie ran in 1997 on the left. This is the same image that you will find on the back of the box and in the Myth demo sell screen.

On the right is our favorite bridge as we see it today.

Some readers have pointed out that the screenshot from the ad was doctored. I vigorously dispute that claim. Well, somewhat vigorously. Look at the full size ad and decide for yourself.

Here we see Calamity, the Myth Clue Rat, showing us a peculiarity of the cutscene before Five Champions.

It appears that the Five in the cutscene are two Dwarves, a Journeyman, a Berserk, and an Archer. Now Bungie is playing with our minds...

Sometimes I think I am seeing things. Someone is pretty sure I have lost it. In fact, I just received an email which said:
Is that part of your conspiracy theory about (deleted) being the (deleted) for (deleted)? You know, the one where you can see Elvis if you stare at the minimap cross eyed?

Well, I ain't the only one! Take for example what ThorulfR has found in Five Champions. As he explains:

...below the slope where 2 hordes of thrall march up. From the south it looks like a programmer (Einstein even) bent over something as if to type. Could be imagining.

Well, I don't think this is his imagination at all. However, it looks to me like somebody warming his hands by a campfire (the smoke hole). Or maybe I'm thinking that because I just got back from a winter camping trip where my f****** n**** froze right off!

Perhaps the key to unlocking the conspiracy lies beneath our feet the whole time. It all comes down to how you view the universe -- in detail, or as a big picture.
A Drawing on the Ground in Five Champions

After you crawl your way out of the canyon where you start the level in, if you go a bit north and east, you may notice some white lines on the ground. Zooming back as far as possible, you may notice that the lines begin to suggest a large drawing on the ground. The drawing is larger than what can seen in one screen, but it should become quickly apparent that there is a crow attacking a stag. Hmmm, where have we seen crows before?

Many thanks to Paul B. for extracting this image from the texturemap so that we can enjoy this undistorted view!

Now, we have a genuine bug-ish easter egg:
It wasn't until they turned to escape, leading the barely conscious and unresponsive Alric, that the rescue became a thing of legend.

At the very end of this level you face two groups of Soulless and then can free Alric. However, Mad Hatter of the Knights Who Say Ni, knows a new way to get Alric hopping!

Instead of engaging the Soulless, run your two Berserk Heroes straight to the containment field which holds Alric and destroy all the field generators except for the east one. Move your Berserks behind Alric so that Alric will be in the line of fire from the pursing Soulless.

All it takes is one hit on Alric and he will hop right out of the containment field and make dust out of the Soulless with his pocket knife!

You still have to destroy the remaining field generator for the game to end.

Check out the film of this bug: [mac] [win]

Angelus, AWOL Myth Tournament Director, points out that it is also possible to kill Alric in the containment field and not lose the game.

Finally some good old speculation and beta knowledge. What follows is a screenshot taken from Myth Beta 4:

Beta 4 PicThis was in the southwest corner of the map but it was taken out after Beta 4. This star would rotate and blink and served no real purpose. In the tags.gor file there is a "Ball Captured" a "Flag Captured" and a "Token Captured."


Maybe this is the token that we never actually see and was originally designed as a solo level flag; for example, Bungie might have planned the objective to be, "Capture the Tokens and Rescue Alric."

I don't know about you but that would seem like a lame Mario 64 cliche.to me. That is one lame element I don't mind having left out...

Myth TFL:
Ambush at Devil's Overlook
Index Myth TFL:
Out of the Barrier

Written and compiled by the Myth Nontoxic crew.

Found anything we've missed? Got a theory that fits? Have a correction to make?
Please post it in The Asylum so others can add their ideas and thoughts.

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